Electric scooters are driving innovation in the world of transport. Recent studies highlight how they tackle carbon emissions, congestion and even reduce the spread of coronavirus - sounds like heaven delivered on two wheels, right? 

Let’s delve into the world of electric scooters a little more… Here are our top 4 reasons why we see electric scooters as the future of city travel. 

1. Sustainable Mobility. 

The recent environmental report has shaken many of us, with concerns over the future of our planet, the increase of natural disasters and how this will affect our health. 

In a recent stat, the International Energy Agency notes that 24% of carbon emissions come from the transportation sector alone.

Another nail-biting report shows air pollution is more deadly than smoking, AIDs & malaria - yikes! 

Take a breath, now we’ve got through that, let’s look at how an electric scooter can combat all of this… 

Electric scooters are an emissions-free form of transport, which means every time you choose to ride one, you're reducing the collective emissions in a city. 
In the West Midlands, Birmingham, Stockholm-based electric scooter company, Voi has helped reduce 66 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the city centre! 

On a larger scale, global electric shared mobility provider, Lime, shows in its latest 2020 report, it helped users avoid over 13.5 million car journeys and spared over 575k gallons of gas

These are incredible stats and some of the main reasons electric scooters are becoming the environment’s new best friends.  


2. Contact-free travel.

Last year we watched as the world stood still and travel fell to an unprecedented level. 

"Global average road transport activity fell to almost 50% of the 2019 level by the end of March 2020" International Energy Agency.

At the height of the pandemic, unsurprisingly, electric scooter trials took off and became a great asset in many cities because they promote contactless, social distancing. Citizens did not have to rely on public buses, taxis or trains during a time of high infection rates. 

Now, in a post-pandemic world where everyone is increasingly health-conscious, electric scooters will continue to thrive. 

"Micro-mobility is a greener alternative to public transport, and these services will continue to be taken advantage of during and long after this pandemic,” added Hannah Sumnall, research analyst at ABI Research.

3. Reduce congestion. 

Cities around the world are facing an epidemic of congestion and air pollution. Many are thrown into gridlock during rush hour, meaning car owners are spending an unprecedented amount of time stuck in traffic.

"UK motorists spend 293 hours a year in their cars, with 33 hours spent driving to and from the supermarket alone.Express & Star. 

If that’s not enough to make you never step foot in your car again, I don’t know what is… 

Electric scooters, electric bikes, and push bikes are offering a viable solution to help alleviate traffic congestion, which is already showing incredible uptake from the public. 

In the UK alone, e-scooter fleets have reached a two million journey milestone, shares MindtheZag, an incredible statistic, indicating how fast electric scooters are being adopted and therefore relieving inner-city congestion. 

4. No more parking fees.

Cars are not only gas-guzzling tin-cans, they are also huge space hoggers, taking up seven times the amount of space a bike does! 

Not only that, but I think we can all relate to the pain of trying to park a car in the city centre and having heart palpitations when we see the price for a few hours… 

It’s no lie that space in cities is falling drastically; E-bikes, e-scooters and other forms of zero-emissions vehicles will soon take over, as space-efficient and eco-friendly modes of travel. 

Whilst rental scooters do require parking, privately owned ones do not. Simply fold, and carry into your home or coffee shop and enjoy never paying for parking again. Now you couldn’t do that with a car, could you?! 

So to round up, we believe electric scooters are the future of city travel as a sustainable, smart and space-efficient mobility option. Have we tempted you to get your very own? Take a look at our two scooters and choose your favourite - better yet, get £100 off when you use our code RIDEREEL100 and start making a difference today!