Is there any surprise that e-scooters have fast become the modern symbol of urban transport? Nope. In fact, they are now the norm in many European cities (unfortunately, the UK is somewhat behind…but we’ll get there) which only means that this mobility trend is heading in one direction - up! 

Disclaimer: sadly, electric scooters are not legal for use on public roads in the UK at the moment, but this is set to change in the near future (let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later). Even though the UK is slow to jump on the electric scooter hype, the government is thankfully following in the footsteps of major cities like Madrid and Paris with e-scooter trials taking place as we speak in more than 50 locations across the country. But why the sudden boom for popularity? What makes them so special and why should you opt for an e-scooter over other modes of transport? 

Many still remain unconvinced when it comes to e-scooters, but whether people love or hate them, they’re undeniably changing the way we get from one place to another. Personally, I believe e-scooters are the future for a number of reasons, not just one! So, if you haven’t quite warmed to them yet, don’t worry - I’m here to change your mind. Here’s 5 reasons why using an E scooter makes sense to me...


1. Sustainable transport vs. All other forms of transport - I know which I prefer…

First things first, sustainability. One of the biggest reasons as to why I’m so drawn to e-scooters is the fact that they are good for the planet - how can anyone not prefer an environmentally-friendly mode of transport? Especially in this era of redefining how we want to live for a better future. There’s no better time to adopt eco-friendly ways of travelling and that’s why electric scooters are perfect for everyone, not just me. They are at the forefront of a new society in which we can get to where we need to be without the added expense of harming the planet. The brilliant thing about them is that they don’t emit any emissions and only use a small amount of electricity, which will significantly improve air quality in our cities. You might not see this as a major deal but if we take a look at the comparisons to other transportation options, I think it’s clear who the winner is... According to the EPA, the average passenger vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year - if this doesn’t highlight why people should make the switch from cars to electric scooters, I don’t know what will!



2. 3 words. Light. Compact. Portable.

Electric scooters are not only winners when it comes to saving our planet, but they also are just generally convenient. For instance, I live in a very small house with my siblings who all drive - meaning there’s 5 cars (don’t look at me, I’m ashamed) to fit on our drive/street... With electric scooters, we could easily cut this down to 2 if not 0, meaning that we’ll be reducing our carbon footprint - not to mention the fact that I wouldn't have to worry about finding a parking space which is the bane of my life at the moment! And this isn’t just a me problem. With 68 per cent of the world’s population predicted to live in urban areas by the year 2050, there’s a clear demand for easily storable modes of transportation - which is where electric scooters come in handy. Their foldable and light-weight design makes them the ideal choice for commuting - you can pretty much take them anywhere!



3. Cost effectiveness - get saving those pennies!

Electric scooters are definitely not one to sleep on if you’re looking for affordable transportation options. I finished university in 2020 which means I’m still managing to get straight after years of making too much use of my student overdraft… which I’m sure many other grads can relate to (I hope). I started to look at cost effective options as I was planning to move back home and that’s when I stumbled upon electric scooters. Though they aren’t legal in the UK as of yet, it’s something that I’ll get my hands on as soon as we have the get-go to reap the financial rewards of avoiding public transport. The price bracket is perfect for my situation as it means that I wouldn’t have to reach into my pocket for simple journeys as much. If you’re looking to save and want to avoid those nasty taxi prices, an electric scooter will be your best friend. 



4. It’s better for the mind and body.

Why be confined in a small space waiting in a traffic jam when you can be roaming the streets freely (eventually, fingers crossed) embracing the fresh air? It just makes sense. They also have health benefits too. I know what you’re thinking, ‘how can standing on an electric scooter benefit me physically?’ little did you know that it actually can! Notably it’s not as strenuous as cycling or running, but it’s still better than slumping down on a train tucking into your McDonalds cheeseburger right? Riding an e-scooter actually requires a level of balance, which in turn means that your core and leg muscles activate. Then you have the added extra of carrying them once folded - chuck a few flights of stairs in there and you’ll be as fit as a fiddle!



5. Live a stress free life.

Last but not least, I’m going to pitch the transportation dream to you.. it requires very little maintenance. Are you sold yet? The thought of not having to go into your savings to repair that scratch you’ve just made on your car or to replace your back wheel has to be tempting. The added stress that comes with other vehicles just simply isn’t worth it in my eyes when you have the option of riding an electric scooter. Apart from changing the batteries once in a while, keeping an eye on tyre pressures and giving it a regular clean, it hardly requires any additional maintenance to ensure your ride is running smoothly - I can’t say the same about cars… 


If you haven’t already guessed, I think pretty highly of electric scooters - but not just any ordinary one - it has to be Ride Reel.

So, if I have persuaded you to join the ‘green’ side with me, take a look at our website and get hold of one yourself >