Go to any major city in the UK, and you’ll find shared electric scooters pretty much everywhere. Over the past year, the public has quickly integrated these two-wheeled, motorised vehicles into their daily lives; whether it’s getting to work, meeting friends or grocery shopping, electric scooters are quickly overtaking other forms of public transport as a new go-to for the urban commuter. 

But, these shared scooters are also showing to be super expensive when they are used frequently, so is it time for you to purchase your very own scooter, and how much would it really save you? 

We’re here to answer your questions, so let’s get rolling… 


Why should I get an electric scooter? 

Zero emissions, saves you money and is better for the environment, sounds pretty good right? Well, it doesn't stop there... 

The evidence is mounting up to prove just how important electric scooters will be for the future of urban spaces. Across much of Europe, in some of the most polluted cities, electric scooters have drastically helped to ease congestion, and reduce CO2 levels - not all heroes wear capes, some ride electric scooters! 

Other than the amazing environmental impact electric scooters are having around the world, there is much to be said about these vehicles supporting lifestyle and mindset shifts in our society, especially as we become more health and wellbeing conscious after a year of being locked down. 

Electric scooters help promote a healthy and active lifestyle by empowering us to enjoy our surroundings and fresh air, and because, let's face it, they are super fun to ride - have you ever seen someone sad riding an electric scooter? Didn't think so.   


How much does it cost to charge an electric scooter? 

It costs between £0.15-£0.30 to completely charge your electric scooter, however, this will be dependent upon which model you choose. 

Scooters that have large batteries will cost more to charge but tend to have a longer range so you won't need to charge frequently. 


What’s the price difference between a rental scooter and a privately owned scooter? 

We recently calculated how much it would cost to ride a rental scooter vs a privately owned scooter from Monday to Friday for a year, with an average travel time of 30 mins a day. This is what we discovered...

The average rate for a rental scooter is around £3.40 for 15 mins. If someone used this scooter for 30 mins a day (to and from work) that would equal around £6.80 a day. 

If the scooter was used Monday to Friday for a year (average 260 days out of a year) that would equal around 260 x 6.8 = £1,768 per year.

In comparison, a privately owned scooter, with a range of 25km (based on our Performance model), would need charging 2 times a week (104 days out of the year). 

The average cost to fully charge a scooter is between 0.15 to 0.30, making the median 0.225. 

0.225 x 104 = £23.40 per year.

Plus the currently discounted purchasing price of just £299. 

So, buying your own electric scooter will therefore save you nearly five and a half times more money than a rental scooter! Plus, it gets cheaper by the year due to the purchasing price liquidating... I know which I’d rather use! 


Why REEL? 

We’re committed to offering the public electric scooters at the very best price, so they are accessible and affordable for everyone. Whether you are an adventurous rider or a cool cruiser, we’ve mapped out the perfect riding experience for you.

After months of preparation and planning, we've been able to bring you not one, but two UK designed scooters, plus an integrated app and year warranty policy so you can ride with confidence. 

We’re here for the ride, with years of experience in customer service, our team offers exceptional customer care and after-service so you can ride safely. 

Make the switch, go electric and see how it can change your life!