Am I covered?

If the scooter was purchased from you are covered provided you can supply proof of purchase. Unauthorised repairs undertaken by, or purchased by a third party or the user will invalidate the warranty. Please note that REEL scooters are not recommended for use in wet conditions and water damage is not covered by the warranty.

What is covered in the REEL warranty?

REEL offers a one-year warranty which covers any defective components such as the footboard, brake pedal, motor, display and controller. The battery is subject to a six-month warranty. Paintwork, wear and tear, and smaller components are not covered by this warranty. The warranty is available to the original purchasing customer and cannot be transferred.

What is not covered by the REEL warranty?

Second-hand REEL scooters or those bought outside of are not covered. Any altered or modified REEL scooters, those not stored, kept or maintained as recommended by REEL as detailed in the manual. Normal wear and tear is not covered. Damage caused by misuse, neglect, theft, accidents, carrying oversized loads or scratches due to transport and carriage are not covered.

Should any warranty claims meet the conditions of the warranty, the customer will cover the cost of returning the scooter to our UK fulfilment centre, but can be refunded upon successful completion of a diagnostic test and the warranty claim being valid. If the REEL scooter is not repairable, the customer may be offered a replacement scooter.

What about claims outside of warranty?

All shipping will be the responsibility of the customer and all parts or repairs will be chargeable. Should the REEL be not repairable/ spare parts not available and the model is no longer stocked by REEL we reserve the right to offer a part exchange for a different model electric scooter from our range. This part exchange will be at the discretion of REEL and proof of purchase from must be supplied.

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